Amazon Account Management Services

Aspiring For A Strategy To Operate Your Amazon Account? Let Us Manage It For You!

Have you got an idea to start a business but lack the proper strategies to materialize your plans? S.A E-Com comes with the most effective mechanism for managing your Amazon. We imply advanced market strategies to meet your business goals. We help grow your business to its bloom!

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150 keyphrases optimized

30 pages optimized

6 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

200 keyphrases optimized

40 pages optimized

12 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

300 keyphrases optimized

60 pages optimized

24 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

To scale your business, we put our best to maintain a healthy seller account. We share with you an effective and far-reaching approach for Amazon support Handling, improving the customer service experience, and maintaining the health of your Amazon Seller Central account.

Get Familiar With The Mechanism

As an Amazon Service Provider Agency, we ensure your brand story is consistent across your Amazon product listing. We manage your account the way you want it to be. Further, you will be given the following services when we manage your Amazon account:

Review and feedback monitoring on a regular basis

Checking any hijack and counterfeiting activities

Listing overviews on a regular basis

Management of returns and refunds

Product packaging inserts

Evaluating competitions and competitor analysis

Setting up a brand registry

Content upgradation and optimization

Price protection

Order management

implementation of the strategies that ensure higher ROI

Our Amazon Seller Account Management Services Include:

Establishing A Seller Account

You will never find any hurdle on your way to set up an Amazon Seller account. Our Amazon account managers will assist you from the very beginning of the process. Our team will usher you through the entire process of getting your brand registered at Amazon Trademark and begin marketing as a registered Amazon brand.

Search Engine Optimization

We realize the significance of Search Engine Optimization. We keep optimizing the content of your Amazon Seller Account with the help of the SEO services of our expert team. Our SEO experts conduct thorough research to figure out the high-volume and long-tail keywords that rank your page among the top searches on Amazon. Our proficient SEO serves also optimize your product listing and drive maximum conversions.


Product Launching

Based on market analysis, we recommend you choose the most demanded items for your Amazon Seller Account. We ensure the strategically planned launch of your product and employ fruitful tactics to reach your product to a maximum number of potential customers. We monitor customer reviews and feedback to upgrade your product performance.

Storefront designing and A+ Content

We merge the creativity of our designers with your dreams and bring out an enchanting storefront that allures customers at very first sight. We use design templates that look unique and fascinating to the viewers and compel them to stay and explore. Moreover, when customers reach your product through your digital store, they can find your product presented along with enhanced content of A+ content produced by our content experts. We remove all the ambiguities from your customers’ minds related to your product through our A+ content creation.


As a Trusted Amazon Expert, S.A E-Com has maintained its prestige by proving itself in every service. Our reliable shipment services have convinced our partners to manage the logistics on their behalf. We have fully acknowledged and abide by the rules of shipment. We handle the shipment of your products with great care and with our sole responsibility

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