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PPC Services: Drive Traffic to Your Listings

We are among the top Amazon marketing agencies to increase your sales. By using advanced macros to optimize advertising efforts, we launch multiple strategies to set up effective advertising campaigns. Our advertising campaigns target the potential audience on Amazon to boost your sales. 

Elevate ROI with data-based approaches

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15-20% million
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150 keyphrases optimized

30 pages optimized

6 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

200 keyphrases optimized

40 pages optimized

12 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

300 keyphrases optimized

60 pages optimized

24 content, outreach, UX, or CRO assets per quarter

Uplift revenue through paid search and power up with S.A E-com’s PPC management services

Amazon Pay-per-Click is an advertising platform available for third-party sellers. Sellers can run convincing ad campaigns to popularize their products and are charged by Amazon PPC every time a potential customer views or clicks their ad.

Surveys show that PPC advertising is the most popular way used by Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers to target their sales with an increased margin. Three out of four Amazon sellers — including 79% of first-party (1P) vendors and 71% of third-party (3P) sellers —use Amazon PPC.

SAEcom—your Amazon FBA agency, customizes ad campaigns for your products that drive conversion through our up-to-the-mark PPC management services.


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Under the umbrella of Amazon Product Listing Services, SAEcom focuses on Amazon algorithms related to your product and adjusts the ads that better suit your listing to uplift conversions. 

Unlock the Benefits of PPC Advertising Services

SAEcom offers the sellers the choices of PPC ads to opt for their campaign with customizable targeting options. We facilitate you to choose either automatic-targeting ads or manually-targeting Sponsored product ads to get the best image of what type of keywords and search terms you ought to target on Amazon with our Amazon marketing services.

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Enhance the PPC performance with a massive margin with our PPC management services

Smart work matters more than hard work!

Our PPC campaign experts rely on data analysis through Amazon cloud. They draft plans based on cloud data and use rational approaches to execute those plans. Employ our PPC services to ensure higher yields in a short span of time.

Our clients have seen a record uplift in their PPC performance empowered by SAEcom’s strategies to initiate effective campaigns and unlock multiple benefits for them.

SAEcom’s every service is based on the latest technology and synchronized with advanced statistics to compete in a highly volatile market. Our deliverance positively influences the previous customers to convert and draw new potential customers to your products.

When you choose SAEcom as your Amazon agency, you unlock numerous advantages and access to more benefits like international PPC campaign management and many more.

SAEcom employs first-rate PPC strategies

🎯 We analyze each type of PPC ad campaign and then play around with automated and manual keyword targeting.

🎯 Forcing on the related keywords and the competitors’ products, we dive into the depths of keyword searching.

🎯 We set daily budgets and keep the target of default bids a great higher than that of what Amazon recommends.

🎯 Based on ad reports of our automated campaigns we pick out the words for our manual campaigns.

🎯 Before molding our manual campaigns, we ensure it gets significant clicks against each keyword we have used.

🎯 We keep a track of our ad campaigns and keep upgrading them as per the market requirements and trends.

Never Ignore The Importance of PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click campaigns are highly beneficial for your business. It is an enhanced advertising strategy that saves your money from going wasted and helps you acquire new customers. PPC campaigns can not be denied due to the following advantages:

Let your product sparkle on Amazon Searches

Approximately more than 310 million people are Amazon customers. Surveys and research showed that PPC is among the top three sources of conversions. It is a fact that 65% of people click on these paid ads while searching for their desired product which increases the chances of your product being explored.

PPC advertising ensures quick results

When you advertise your products through PPC to millions of people searching on Amazon, it rapidly gives you desired results and draws traffic to your page. It helps your business grow fast and quickly accomplish your business goals. Therefore, it is considered an extremely short-term tactic.

Drives huge traffic

Though PPC ads are not the direct factor to uplift your business ranking, they increase the number of clicks your Amazon product gets. When these paid ads generate increased activities of the customers on your Amazon page, it plays its role to ensure higher organic ranking.

Unaffected by algorithms

PPC ads are not risky to get affected when Amazon updates the algorithms or by your page’s optimizations. Your success is not at risk if you are investing in PPC advertisements. You just pay for each click and put them on Amazon search results.

Brings higher ROAS

Back in 2020, it was reported that 74% of the brands endorsed that PPC drove huge returns and contributed to a significant portion of their sales. They verified that PPC proved to jumpstart the conversions. This could be your case as well!

Your brand gets familiar

LucidPress reported that a consistent presentation of your brand can enhance your revenue generation by up to 33%. Being known to people is not enough for your business growth, continuously popping up before your relevant audience and among the most popular brands can compel your audience to visit your products online and in-store. This is what PPC serves you.

PPC tools are a great help

Advertisements do not always run in real-time. But with PPC tools, they can be scheduled to run at a particular time, and demography using ppc advertising tools. You can instantly manipulate a PPC campaign.

Geo-Targeting is an extremely important tool

PPC ads in relation to Geo-targeting is of extreme importance. Geo-targeting, also called local PPC, is a method to target an audience in a specific area. Based on your location, you can target nearby cities or countries. You can narrow the area of your target to draw in leads from neighboring regions.

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