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Implement Geofencing Advertising Techniques To Target The Desired Locations

Take your marketing to next level with S.A E-com’s geofencing management services that will help you advertise in a particular geographical radius to target a customized audience. With the combination of multiple useful technologies, geofencing develops virtual barriers around a business location and helps reach your business beyond the boundaries.

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Take Leverage With Competitor Geofencing Advertising Management

Undoubtedly, geofencing works influentially, but it benefits marketing dramatically. S.A E-com helps digital marketers to take their business to a new localized level. Here are the reasons why S.A E-com employs geofencing techniques in your digital marketing:

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S.A E-Com uses Geofencing to promote a nearby business, organization, service, or good in a new or similar-looking way via an app or website.

Geofencing Boosts local sales

Geofencing enhances your ability to optimize your business ranking in local searches. It improves business performance on a local scale. You can target potential customers in a prescribed area with geofencing advertising. You can send advertisements to customers in a particular area through push notifications. Since it is a location-based system, you can attract customers from a specific area to your business. You can also modify the daily promotions and present time-bound offers to boost your local sales.

Timely Achievement Of The Goals

Geofencing ads work far better than typical ads. These ads run instantly in response to a customer’s action. When someone moves around your geofence, you can immediately start marketing your business to them. This is the way to target your customers when they are hovering around you by watching your ads and buying from you. These ads will keep appearing every time they wander near your targeted location.

Budget-Friendly Approach

SInce the geofencing advertisements system runs ads in a precise and limited location, it cuts down the cost of advertisement. Whereas advertising in a massively large area costs you a huge amount and resources. Though targeting a limited area, geofencing advertising gives your business more exposure. S.A E-com focuses on placing your ads effectively in and deploying them at the right place at the right time. We target a higher concentration of customers who are likely to convert.


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Access To Potential Data

With the help of geofencing advertising, you can have access to extremely important data to customize the offers for your targeted customers. You can reach the demographics of the local populations. You can collect data about their interests and push the ads to them accordingly. You can track the purchase history and analyze what kind of products the customers of that particular area like to buy and you can design your promotions that way. 

Know Our Strategies for Employing Geofencing Advertising techniques

To initiate geofencing advertising, you must know how to leverage the use of GPS. S.A E-Com proactively excels in putting out geofencing promotions to your targeted customers. We analyze in detail the following keys before we get to go.

Getting into the depths of demographics

We dive into the depths of customers’ demographics and examine who your customers actually are. This ensures that the customers we are advertising to are the right choice and that the promotions we are unrolling are exactly what they are looking for.

Specifying The Boundaries

We keep the geofencing boundaries limited under which we can perform at our best. Usually, a 4-5 mile travel radius is ideal to target. If this 4-5 mile area is covered by the people of that area by walking, then we keep it a 4-5 minute walking radius. Whereas, if it is a 4-5 mile distance by drive, we keep it a 4-5 minute transport distance at maximum.

Instant Actions

We ensure that our Call To Action (CTA) is evident and demands spontaneous actions. We aim to draw immediate leads and require them to grab your offer in the shortest span of time.

We Realize Time Is Money

Just like we focus on other areas of advertisement, we also keep our focus on the importance of time. Delivering your business messages on time is the key to grabbing the attention of customers. We evaluate what exactly would be the right time to advertise the business when there is a high possibility of conversion. If you are marketing a seasonal item, you should consider the time when the season of that item is at its peak and people are more likely to buy. Out-fashion marketing is likely to draw no leads.

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