Addressable Geofencing Services

Focus On Targeting Individual Physical Locations With Addressable Geofencing

With a personalized marketing method target individual households and businesses. The addressable geofencing system converts every address uploaded to it into a geofence and helps you target each physical address perfectly.

Elevate ROI with data-based approaches

500+ million
Clients’ Revenues

Enjoy do-it-for-me movements with

100+ million
Digital Marketing Guru

We are your digital partner to minimize to

15-20% million
Average ACOS

Explore Addressable Geofencing Advertising Plans





15% of ad spend


$1,000 – $3,600 monthly ad spend

Up to 15 conversion zones

Web form, ecommerce, and foot traffic conversion traffic

Desktop, tablet, and mobile audience targeting

$3,600 or more monthly ad spend

Up to 50 conversion zones

Quarterly banner ads

Single target address fences

What you can do with Addressable Geofencing?

Your digital ads can appear on any kind of electronic device of your consumers that you can target with the help of household and businesses address data. It’s a marketing campaign that can further improve an already operational campaign like direct mail and addressable TV ads.

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S.A E-Com uses Geofencing to promote a nearby business, organization, service, or good in a new or similar-looking way via an app or website.

Why Prefer S.A E-Com for Addressable Geofencing?

S.A E-Com helps marketers to market accurately. By employing the techniques of Addressable Geofencing in your marketing campaign, we target your desired customers with an effective approach. It also helps to cope with the issues appearing with other digital marketing tactics.

By hiring our Addressable Geofencing Services, you will enjoy multiple benefits:

Getting an obvious target

Our team conducts a detailed discussion with our clients to know what type of audience and which area they want to target. We maintain a list of the desired addresses that you want to target. Once the list is ready, we collect data from public land surveying information and property tax to target the customers accurately. 

Extension of existing marketing strategies that work well

While addressable geofencing can be incorporated into your marketing mix to significantly enhance your campaigns, direct mail, TV advertising, and other addressable marketing initiatives all have their own distinctive approaches. We assemble more digital devices inside an addressable landing zone and broadcast more frequently. Based on data gathered at the address level, we further customize the campaigns.


Foot traffic attribution and reporting

When we employ Addressable GeoFencing, conversion zones allow for the tracking of foot traffic to an advertiser’s location. We include in performance data the number of times a consumer viewed a digital advertisement prior to physically visiting the advertiser’s location can be included in performance data, which can be drilled down to the ZIP+4 level.

We use ways to get around problems with other digital marketing strategies

In programmatic advertising, IP address truncation reduces the reach of an ad campaign, however, Addressable GeoFencing does not suffer from this problem. We allocate the various platforms for running digital ads to give advertisers the chance to increase brand recognition while giving consumers more options to interact with and act on an advertisement.

What is the procedure to use Addressable Geofencing?

Address geofencing is simpler to use than you might imagine. The four fundamental steps to creating an addressable geofencing campaign are listed below.

First Step: Make a Target List of Physical Addresses.

The target addresses you want to reach should be set up digitally. A long list of customer addresses could be as complicated as this or as simple as your own storefront. You need to think about your target audience as part of this phase. Your campaign may be made to be more relevant and personalized the more information you have about the people you are trying to reach.

Second step: Make the advertisement.

Your messaging should appeal to the demands of your target audience because addressable geofencing enables you to promote with pinpoint accuracy. To assist you to develop and create your advertisement, S.A E-Com offers free creative services with a specialized in-house design team. They are prepared to collaborate with your company to develop an engaging and successful campaign.

Third Step: Serve the advertisement using S.A E-Com’s self-service platform.

With S.A E-Com’s services, you have complete control over creating and managing your advertisement. Giving you the resources you need to be successful and maintain total control over your campaign is our goal.

Fourth Step: Monitor and Control Your Campaign

Utilize S.A E-Com Analytics to monitor important marketing metrics. You will gain more knowledge about what is or isn’t working so you may make adjustments when necessary. You may find out which addresses produce better results than others by using key performance indicators. You can also find out how frequently targeted customers interact with your addressable geofencing campaign.

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